Trail baddies

Trail Baddies Flipdeck

Trail Baddies are the main enemies of Steak and Jake. They come in the six colours, and are defeated when you click on them with a Jake of the same colour. Each area has a different kind of Trail Baddie, with others returning. Most of the time, the Trail Baddies are limited to the ground, but sometimes they have wings and Cococopters.

List of Trail BaddiesEdit

Flipdeck InformationEdit

As Steak and Jake travel across the land, they encounter numerous Trail Baddies. There are over 90 baddies scatter throughout the many trails. Some walk, some fly, and some smart baddies can even fly giant Coco-copters. Trail Baddies come in a variety of hues and can only be defeated when Jake is of the same color.